What should I expect to happen during a consultation?

Please see our Get Started! page for a great overview of what to expect on a consultation.

Can you give me an estimate for my project without a consultation?

With very few exceptions, we do not offer estimates on projects without having completed an initial consultation. Your willingness to introduce us to your garden space lets us know that you’re ready to move forward. Even if we don’t end up being the right fit for your project, we make sure that you’ve gotten the information you need by the time we leave that consultation. For those who need a solid number to work into their budgets, we offer Seasonal Specials and garden packages.

Can you provide free estimates, like some other contractors?

Nope! Each garden space is different, and it’s hard to know what site conditions are really like (including whether there are constraints/opportunities that would significantly alter project prices) without seeing them for ourselves. Sending our people out on consultations for free is not possible for us, and therefore we cannot provide free estimates.

When should I expect multiple consultants, vs. just one?

It is standard for us to utilize consultant teams, and we have structured our pricing such that even with multiple consultants on a project, the total hourly rate is still very reasonable for the client. We always send two employees to initial consultations in order to ensure their safety, as well as lend their diverse expertise to the client for the first site assessment. On other jobs, whenever our schedule permits, we send a consultant pair; however, if we make the determination that only one consultant is needed for an ongoing job, then we only charge for one!

How much will building an edible garden cost?

The answer to many good questions is the answer to this one: it depends! Do you need significant infrastructure (such as a raised bed, fencing, trellises, or terracing of a slope), or just help streamlining an in-ground garden? Are you integrating edibles into an established landscape, or starting fresh? In any case, we are dedicated to quality, affordability, and meeting our customer’s needs. We try to keep our prices reasonable and flexible; please find our general pricing below:

  • We offer an initial hour-long on-site project consultation for a flat fee of $90. We send two consultants for initial meetings.
  • Additional consultation time, where the focus is on direct communication between us and the client and the goal is to develop the client’s understanding of their own garden space, plan, and/or gardening principles and techniques, is charged at $70/hour per consultant.
  • Labor on construction projects is billed at $40/hour.
  • Additional charges for services like bringing in amendments, hauling away yard debris, and planning for unusually complex situations may apply to your project, and we’ll be happy to talk about those with you when we get started.

To request a consultation, after which we can offer you an estimate on your specific project, please fill out our Consultation Questionnaire.

How long will it take to install a garden?

Again, the duration of any project depends on the customer’s needs and wants, and the nature of the work. During the fall and winter, when daylight hours are limited, we take on more planning than building projects. Later in the winter, and in spring and summer, we like to work outdoors–and we work hard, so it goes fast! Please get in touch with us as far in advance of your project as possible to let us know what you need, and we can give you a solid time frame estimate.

What locations does Independence Gardens serve?

Independence Gardens works throughout the Portland metro area, from St. Johns to Sherwood and from Hillsboro out to Fairview! If we have to travel long distances to reach your project, we will charge a reasonable rate for vehicle miles traveled. But we will come to most easy-to-reach close-in locations with no additional charge.

How can I get a customer reference for my project?

Please e-mail us at info@IndependenceGardensPDX.com, and we will be happy to send you a short list of references for projects like yours.

Why does Independence Gardens make t-shirts?

We make t-shirts (and onesies and hoodies, for that matter) to highlight creative ways to integrate friendly garden animals into sustainable edible gardens. Independence Gardens makes Chicken Shirts & Squirts, Goat Tees, Bull Shirts, Horse Shirts, Bee Fruitfuls (and more!) for folks who may or may not have a garden of their own to tend, and who want to support healthy gardens and savvy gardeners. Oh, and they’re cute and funny, too!

What materials does Independence Gardens use?

A thriving edible garden needs few things: soil, sunlight, water, and a little bit of space. We purchase most of our materials in the pursuit of making garden space accessible to the people whose responsibility it is to tend it. We choose to build raised beds, terraces, chicken coops, and other garden infrastructure out of sustainable materials that will maintain soil health, provide access to sunlight, and utilize water effectively. A short list includes: juniper, cedar, FSC-certified Doug fir, reclaimed cinderblocks, and old fence boards.