Work with us: GET STARTED!

Consultation3We start all of our projects with two consultants onsite for a one-hour initial consultation. You can initiate the process by filling out our Consultation Questionnaire.

This consultation gives us a chance to see your space, talk with you about your goals, and make sure we’re the right fit for your project. We hope we will be. But even if we’re not, we guarantee that you’ll get your money’s worth (and then some!) during this meeting, and we’ll get you connected with resources that will help you move forward.

During the consultation, you should expect to show us your garden space(s), ask us any questions you might have, and answer a few basic questions about your space and goals. We will take notes, snap some pictures, and establish a list of followup actions.

After our consultation, we will be able to provide estimates for future work together.

See our FAQ page for a few good questions about consultations.