Winter garden care

Here in Portland, we’re experiencing a gloriously sunny and warm late-September. Those green tomatoes that’ve been hanging out on the vine waiting for the right weather to ripen have a fighting chance to turn colors...just as the trees’ leaves are about to do the same. At this point in the year, area gardeners still have

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Make Your Own Herbal Salve

We did this with our campers at Buckman today, and it was a lot of fun. So I am posting the info from the handout I made for them to take home. Here 'tis! Some of the many commonly available plants that are good to use in salve include: Each of these plants

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What to plant in summer for fall and winter harvest

With the weather the way it's been this summer, who knows what's on the horizon for the rest of the season? But no matter what the weather holds, you can make the best of it to grow your own food. Here's how. 1. Choose the right plants. Here is a shortlist of what it is

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Where does winter squash grow?

I (Karen) received a picture message on the iPhone a few days ago, the attachment to which looked like this: The message itself said: "Hey sis! So these are our winter squash- how do we know when they're ready? Thanks!" I replied, tongue-in-cheek: "Well...first of all, they make squashes... :)" Then I felt kind of bad, so I

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Why build a raised bed?

The title of this blog entry is one of the questions we are asked most often in classes and on consultations. And we do love to hear it! The first part of our response is usually this: "well, you certainly don't have to." It is absolutely possible to grow a great garden at ground level.

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What to do in spring in your organic garden

As you’ve probably noticed, it’s getting to be time for some serious spring garden work!  Here at Independence Gardens, we’ve been loving the sunny days and taking as much advantage of the longer working hours as possible. Here’s a shortlist of garden tasks you may already be engaged in…or, like many of us, may have

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New Year’s resolutions: Planning in the garden and beyond

It’s that time again: the days are getting longer, but at least here in Portland they’re not quite long enough to entice most of us back out into the garden; attractive seed catalogs have been arriving for months, and the colorful stacks are calling to be rifled through. The potential energy of this moment is

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Fall gardening how-to

Greetings, Independence Gardeners. 'Tis transition time out there, at long last, and around here we are definitely living in an in-between place. We are moving, as well as winterizing gardens, prepping for the holidays, and enjoying the weather, as it has finally started to cool off and rain! We thought that this would be a

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Spring has (nearly) sprung

As the days lengthen and the very first plants of the season go into the ground, now is the time to move beyond imagining the spring garden possibilities and take action toward the best of them.  Around here, we've planted the first succession of peas and thoroughly frustrated our hens by setting up wire mesh

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