Whether you need help growing your own food, personalizing your landscape, caring for your yard organically, or making your home your own through sustainable construction and remodeling, we can help. And we’ll do it all in a way that’s healthy and beneficial for you, your community, and the greater ecosystem that surrounds us all.

Home Construction

We’re a fully licensed construction and landscape contractor. Whether you need a small bathroom update, a few raised beds and trellises, or a whole-house remodel, we can help. And we can help you navigate the myriad choices involved with doing it all sustainably.

Organic Land Care

We can keep your yard beautiful, inside and out, with environmentally-sound best practices and no synthetic chemicals.

Grow Your Own Food

Maybe it feels daunting because of information overload, or a shortage of time. But still you feel that pull, that desire to grow your own food. We can help — a little or a lot, whatever works for you.

Custom Landscapes

We can help you make your landscape into a place of serene beauty, or a wild riot of color, or an abundant cornucopia of fruits and vegetables. We can help you make choices that will work with the land’s characteristics, choices that will benefit the entire ecosystem.

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