Organic Land Care

Careful, conscientious yard and landscape maintenance. We take the time to hand weed and prune. We keep you in the loop about what needs to be done when, completed tasks, and longer-term planning. And as organic land care practitioners, we use best practices for your family and the environment: human power whenever possible, environmentally-friendly scheduling, and no synthetic chemicals.

Our services include…

  • invasive plant removal
  • leaf raking and management
  • laying mulch
  • soil prep & planting
  • hand weeding
  • care for perennial fruit trees, bushes, and vines
  • soil testing and recommendations for amendments
  • skilled pruning
  • wondering about something else? let us know

Maintenance Agreements

We help households and organizations keep up on land care tasks with biweekly, monthly, and seasonal service frequencies. Not sure which one’s right for you? Get in touch, and talk it through!

A La Carte Cleanups

If you need help catching up on a backlog of yard work, bring us in for a once-over. We’ll help you identify your priorities and marshal the resources to make it happen. This is a great place to start if you are thinking of tackling a bigger project, but can’t see the possibilities through the weeds, or to try us out if you are considering bringing us on as your year-round service provider!

4 Hours On-Site Labor
Debris Haul-Away is $50 Additional
16 Hours On-Site Labor
Includes 2 YDS Debris Haul-Away
8 Hours On-Site Labor
Includes 1 YD. Debris Haul-Away

CARE for your yard.

Get Started!

Frequently Asked Questions

You should work with Independence Gardens if you want quality yard and landscape care, done sustainably. If you believe that our actions have impact on the world around us; if you believe that there is a better way, a way to enrich your outdoor spaces without depleting the ecosystem around it; then we are the yard and landscape care partner for you.
We have a higher-than-usual level of knowledge and awareness about plants, so you don’t have to worry about us accidentally mowing over your lavender or pulling out your calendula thinking it’s a weed. We never use any synthetic chemicals; all of our weed- and pest-control methods are completely organic. We can look beyond your immediate needs to suggest amendments, pruning, planting that we might want to do down the road to contribute to the long-term health of your outdoor space. And if you should need bigger services at some point, like yard or garden structures, home construction or remodeling, or help growing your own food, we can help you — no need to go looking for another partner to trust.
Visit our Organic Land Care FAQ page. And if you don’t find what you need, give us a call at 503-929-7170.